Webbings and Wear Sleeves - Overview

This section of our online catalogue, details our range webbing and wear sleeves used in the manufacture of different types of strap assemblies. You can navigate between the sub-categories using the buttons to the left or the links below:

75mm Webbing

We have one type of 75mm webbing available which is used for making 10,000kg ratchet straps.

48-50mm Webbing

Our range of 48-50mm webbing is a combination of webbing used in the manufacture of side-curtain straps and also in the manufacture of 50mm ratchet straps.


The 43-45mm webbing that we supply are typically used in the manufacture of curtainsider straps.

35mm Webbing

We have two different types of 35mm webbing which is used in the manufacture of 35mm wide ratchet strap assemblies.

25mm Webbings

Our 25mm webbings are used in lighter duty applications such as cam buckle straps and supermarket roll cage straps.

PVC Weldable Webbing

Our range of PVC coated weldable webbing is available in black, white and grey and in two breaking strains = 1300kg and 2400kg.

Seat Belt Webbing

Our 47mm/2700kg seat belt webbing is used in various applications, but most commonly top straps on a truck side-curtain.

Polypropylene Webbing PP

Here you will find our range of PP webbings. Our most common type is 48mm black used in the manufacture of bottom straps and internal curtainsiders straps.

Wear Sleeve

We have various types of wear sleeves for light or heavy duty applications and to fit over different types of load restraints.