We have three main manufacturing departments at ECVA:

  • China - Metal Components - Capacity of 1,150,000+ components per month
  • UK - Sewing Department Capacity of 120,000+ strap assemblies per month               
  • UK - Roller Manufacturing Capacity of 65,000+ bearing rollers per month

At ECVA, we pride ourselves on delivering consistent quality components, conforming to drawings in fine detail.  We achieve this through only using die-set tooling for all our stamped products, never cheaper free hand tools which are the most common cause of poor quality forming; seldom matching the original technical drawing.

The watch words at ECVA are: Quality, Performance, Reliability, Service and Trust.  Everything we do revolves around these core values.  We maintain strict codes of practice in materials handling particularly in stainless steel products such as buckles which ensures the highest performance against corrosion. ECVA specifies and uses only internationally recognised ANSI® grade steels, which are routinely subjected to rigorous corrosion testing to ASTM® B117 ensuring material integrity.