Fibbie per teloni di camion - Overview

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Fibbia overcenter

This sub-section outlines our range of over-center buckles. They are available in 48mm and 45mm widths and with various breaking strengths.

Fibbia Chiusura

This sub-section details our range of stainless steel locking buckles. It includes our buckles that have been certified by Dekra to the European standard EN 12642-XL.

Certified Buckles

This sub-section lists our range of buckles that have been certified by Dekra to the stringent European standards EN12641-2, EN12642 Code XL and Daimler load securing 9.5:2014.

20mm Buckles

This sub-section outlines our buckles that are no more than 20mm in depth so that they conform to the latest European standards relating to how far parts are allowed to overhang the maximum width of a commercial vehicle.

Fibbia di plastica

This sub-section shows our plastic Eurobuckles that are available as overcenter or locking type, with or without reflective yellow tape.